May 12, 2023

Lawton Tubes acquires Wardtec Ltd

6th June 2023 News 33 Views

Copper tube manufacturer and distributor Lawton Tubes has acquired Wardtec Ltd, a Worcestershire-based company that designs, manufactures, and supplies fittings and assemblies for the water management industry.

Wardtec, which has been producing high-quality CNC machined components for 40 years, specialises in making precision parts such as specialist water fittings in both non-ferrous and stainless steel, for use in thermal storage vessels for the commercial and domestic hot-water storage sector.

Coventry-based Lawton Tubes acquired Wardtec Ltd to expand its product portfolio in the water storage and heating sector, allowing the company to align its offering with the increasing use of renewables within the industry.

Operations MD, Giles Lawton, said: "We were looking for an acquisition and Wardtec seemed a perfect fit, as we continue to grow in the fitting and accessories market with a close eye on sustainability."

There is already significant crossover between the two companies, with many shared customers in the marketplace. Wardtec customers will benefit from Lawton Tubes’ buying power and the opportunity to purchase standard products such as copper pipes and coils previously unavailable through Wardtec. While Lawton Tubes customers will now have access to bespoke fittings and assemblies using Wardtec's existing product portfolio. While only IT, health and safety, and accounts are being integrated, both companies will grow from the move as separate enterprises.

"This acquisition allows Lawton Tubes to diversify into a whole new product range for our customers," said Lawton. "It also opens a significant opportunity in the renewable energy market. We see significant growth opportunities in the thermal storage market, too. Wardtec will also benefit massively as they join the Lawton Engineering division."